Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Underground No More

OK, OK...

So for the benefit of those who wondered where I went (thanks for asking), here's the story. I was thrown in the slammer; the official charge was "pamphleteering." Rocking the boat was the crime, or so they said. Turns out, the we-don't-need-no-stinkin'-sidewalks lobby has some pull here with the local authority-figures. I pleaded guilty - I had to tell the truth - and threw myself on the mercy of the court. "Lock him up" screamed the scowl-faced judges. Who would have thought it could come to this? I thought the jury was still out.


that's not exactly what happened.

I've been spending some time catching up on work. The blog is a wonderful ly stimulating creative outlet, but very demanding on the time. In recognition of Earth Day, I am resuming my posts and plan to log an essay about 3 times a week.

And I am looking for a few guest bloggers. If interested, send me an email with some ideas and enough of a sample of your work so I can get a feel for your writing.

Happy Earth Day


Anonymous said...

So should we look for a Paypal button to contribute for future bail bond money? Sounds like you might need it someday.

James Polk said...

Brilliant Suggestion! I'll get my IT guy right on it.