Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shot By A Rival Architect

I'm writing to dispel swirling rumors about my early demise. No, I have not been shot by a rival architect.

But here's someone who was: Mr. Glasses.

Recently I came across some of Mitch Magee's short films about an idealistic modern architect trying to make it in a post-modern world. Mr. Glasses, a character not so loosely based on the iconic Philip Johnson, references the ethic of pre-WWII utopian optimism.

Schools are "machines - machines for learning." And the way to a young woman's heart is by declaring to her that "my love for you is more rigorous than modern architecture."

Even a cameo by Philip Johnson's lipstic building. Rich.

These comedy shorts are a blast.

And if you want to experience an hour of the real Philip Johnson, check out this Charlie Rose interview:

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