Monday, January 26, 2009

California Dreamin'

The State of California's proactive policies regulating the emission of CO2 is paying off.

Emissions per person are down even as the state's economy has grown. And the green sector of the economy has shown the most impressive growth rising 10 percent annually.

A new report by NEXT10 - a non-partisan organization focused on the convergence of energy, the economy, and lifestyle - exposes as myth the idea that "environmental stewardship comes at the expense of business."

The group's 2008 Green Innovation Index summarizes that "since the 1970s when the state government first started requiring more energy-efficient buildings and appliances, California has grown more prosperous and added jobs even as its citizens cut the amount of energy they use and the greenhouse gases they produce."

A focus on conservation along with higher standards for energy-efficiency in buildings and appliances means Californians are paying much less for energy than their the rest of the country. And aggressive incentives for developing and installing clean green energy systems has attracted record amounts of venture capital investment for green business start-ups. As a result, California leads the nation in patent applications for renewable energy and green products.

This morning, President Obama announced that he is ordering the EPA to reconsider it's opposition to states setting higher standards for auto emissions. Unconscionably, under the past administration, the Environmental Protection Agency prohibited states from raising local environmental standards higher than those set by the agency.

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