Friday, April 9, 2010

Project Re-Patio

While waking my dog Frank, I've noticed a good many stray bricks in the alleys around my house. A couple of weeks ago, I couldn't help but pick one up. Actually, it was half a brick. I carried it around with me as Frank and I walked back to the house feeling its texture, its weight, it's chunkeyness. As I walked along, I began to notice a brick here, a brick there. So I began really looking. Its amazing what one sees with focused attention.

And then, an inspiration came to me.

I've been thinking about expanding my back patio. Dovetail that with my intention of utilizing recycled materials, and an elegant solution presented itself. Why not construct the patio of "found" bricks.

So now, every time I go out with Frank, I pick up a brick or two or three - always from the public right of way - and the pile is growing.

I'm planning to build a solar bar-b-que grill as well. A brick base will support a cast-iron plate upon which I'll direct concentrated sunlight from a movable solar reflector. Can I finish this project before the 4th of July? Will there be solar-grilled shrimp and vegy kabobs to go with John Phillips Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever?

Well, that depends on how fast the brick pile grows.

If you have a stash of bricks laying around yearning for some creative usefulness, let me know. I'll be glad to take them off your hands. Meanwhile, I'll keep picking up loose bricks on the side of the road and, like a garden, watch the brick pile grow.

A journey of a thousand bricks begins with one small dried piece of clay.


Arizno said...

Great way to be green and save money. Usually being green can be taxing, not this time. You go with your bad self. I would l.ove to see the outcome.

James Polk said...

One of the great myths of living a greener lifestyle is that it costs more money. Quite to the contrary, true sustainability almost always saves money. Many people are under the false impression that green solutions are "add-ons"; that's a disconnected way of thinking. Sustainable solutions are integral and require a new way of thinking, a new way of seeing, a new elegant way of connecting to the essence of the thing.

Becky said...

What an excellent idea! I will love to see the finished product.

James Polk said...

Stay tuned. I've got several hundred bricks so far and am accumulating some recycled treated wood as well.

Less is More said...

this is more economical . re use of bricks is useful than to buy new one this will help your patio and you on how creative the owner is . i think some garden furniture's and combination of wind spinner accessories and ornamental will do to make a perfect ambiance in your patio.