Saturday, June 26, 2010

Walkable Neighborhood Interview

Thursday morning, as a part of Mississippi Public Broadcasting's week-long "Battle of the Bulge" series, I was interviewed on the topic of how walkable neighborhoods facilitate better health. (Or, if you will, how the lack of walkable neighborhoods contribute to the problem of obesity.)

Click here for a link to the interview.

If you wish to help bring about a walkable environment in your city, town, or neighborhood, here is a comprehensive series of links to walkable neighborhood resources from



Eileen Stringer said...

All is good with you and your ideas, James. Keep up the good work and keep on keeping on! Dr. G. and I live in a neighborhood where sidewalks were suppose to be on each side of street but omitted. I tried to rally neighbors years ago to pool money to put in a walking track or sidewalks and no one would pony up a dime. It would be great even if they were blanketed with snow half the year! Take care.

James Polk said...

Thanks Eileen. :)
Hope to see you in Mississippi some time soon. Will you plan a trip and bring Dr. G?

Atarijedi said...

I couldn't access the interview link, it sends me to my own Gmail account, I think you accidentally linked it wrong.