Tuesday, January 22, 2008

...and the curtain opens

First things first. Thank you for visiting my new, New American Village blog.

The purpose of this endeavor is to shine a light on how political, social, and cultural influences determine how we build our world. The intention is to raise the general level of awareness of how our actions, our policies, our aspirations, our fears, and our biases determine the built environment - for good or for bad. I will point out, as I see it, what works and why, and what does not work and why. It is also the intention of this forum to promote smarter, more conscious, and more humane ways of building.

Full disclosure statement: I am an unapologetic progressive thinker. I advocate healthy, natural, sustainable building and planning that, by design, brings about an environment that lifts real quality of life (happiness, not over-indulgence), respects the natural world, and speaks to the Human Spirit. I believe that good design and prosperous economics and enriched cultural environments are one, co-existing in a dynamic creative whole - not opposing forces.

Here I will post my thoughts on a myriad of issues and I welcome passionate discussion. Chime in with your insights. I ask only that you have something constructive to say. I will not tolerate personal attacks; only comments on pertinent issues and ideas advancing the discussion. Back me up when I'm on to something. Call me on the carpet when I'm wrong. Most of all, be creative, thoughtful, original (no parroting please), and articulate.

And for the record, I advocate democracy in government, but this is my blog. I will decide what is worth posting based on whether I think your post is productive and serious - or not. If you have problems with that, try being more relevant or get your own blog.

Let's have some fun and change the world!

James Polk


Jerry said...

Go James!

The sooner we step back from globalization to embrace localization and reduce our carbon footprint the richer, happier and more secure we shall be.

It takes a village.
Back to the future!

Jerry Landrum

Ana Maria said...

What a marvelous concept . . . and right here in my home state! To everything you've written, I say, bravo! excellent! fantastic! magnificent! It starts with the dreamer who works the dream into manifestation first by vision then by thoughts followed by words then inspired action in the direction of the dream.

I look forward to participating on this journey!

justanothersara said...

I've just recently moved from Hattiesburg to New Orleans, but I keep very close ties with the city. A friend of mine sent me your website and I just wanted to say how much your ideas excite me. It's good to see people in my home state making change; I look forward to the future of your work.