Monday, January 28, 2008

Cutting Taxes

How about a tax cut for people who buy new homes? I propose we cut the "pretentiousness tax."

Every time you see a fake shutter, the home-buyer just paid too much. You know the ones I'm talking about, shutters too skinny to cover the window when folded in. Think about the human body with outstretched arms only half the size of a normal proportional arm. Its laughable.

Their only function is to pretend to be something they're not. A fraud perpetrated for the sake of "appearances."

The fake shutters get screwed to the wall to enforce the scam.

Here's the math. Fake shutters go for about $50 a pair; add another $50 for installation and contractor overhead and profit for a cost of $100 per window. Multiply that by 10 windows and you've spent an additional thousand bucks on the house - the pretentiousness tax.

Its a tax cut everyone can support.

Republicans breathe easy - no government forms, agencies, or mandates. Democrats rest assured that benefits go to every home-buyer regardless of race, sex, religion (or lack thereof), sexual orientation, or income level. Independents participate in the same system.

So how about it America? Are you ready for a tax cut?


Vicarious Green Remodeling said...

Rather than watch the government give every tax payer back a stimulous bonus fo $600 to spend on fast food, gas, and imported trinkets to replace the last batch sold at last summer's garage sale, I would like to see it specificed to be spent on home energy efficiency upgrades.

We have something along the lines of 77 million homes in America that create a permanent high overhead both for the consumer and for the coal-fired plants.

James Polk said...

What are some ways we can stimulate the economy AND move in the direction of energy independence?

If we want to put money back into the hands of the middle class in a meaningful way, how about healthy tax credits to home-owners for installing alternative energy systems?

And, keeping things in balance, tax credits for businesses: research and development in the area of alternative energies, manufacturing and distribution of systems and components, large-scale alternative energy production, etc.

The economy would benefit from the cash infusion, and millions of white-, blue-, and green-collar jobs will certainly be created in the process.

A much better return on investment than blowing $600 bucks on a wide screen TV, I think.