Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Michelle Kaufmann's Glidehouse

Michelle Kaufmann is changing the way people think about "pre-fab" homes.

This Oakland, California based Architect is designing factory-built homes that don't look, operate, or feel like the ubiquitous single- or double-wide house trailer. Kaufmann's fresh designs make a strong case for contemporary American architecture.

Her Glidehouse features natural lighting, natural ventilation and non-toxic materials - basic principles of passive green design.

Each home is designed to easily incorporate solar, wind, and geothermal energy systems as well.

And you’ll find no superfluous Greek or Colonial ornamentation on these gems.

Since Kaufmann introduced the Glidehouse a few years ago, she has developed a series of modern, pre-fab home designs of various character and size, all in a contemporary aesthetic.

Units are built in assembly-line fashion in a factory and shipped to a pre-prepared site proving that the mass-production model works for high design.

Prices are about the same or maybe a little more than site-built homes (depending on location), but considering that energy costs over time will be lower, and the quality of the product, its worth considering.

Americans have been starved for options when it comes to the “beautiful pre-fab home” – Michelle Kaufmann just served up a tasty treat!

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Anonymous said...

A home should be site adapted and oriented to capture or deflect the sun. These homes are gorgious but with huge windows on the two sides of a corner and no overhang, they are a LOAD waiting to happen.

Can we not design OUT the load while designing IN the beauty? I think we can do better if we think about it just a bit.

Paul McCall said...

I'm so glad to see there is someone else in Hattiesburg who is committed to a greener, more livable community!
http://www.fabprefab.com is another site you may want to check out with more ideas on green prefab building & design. Thanks for inviting me!