Thursday, February 7, 2008

You Can't Get There From Here

Round round get around
I get around

Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys

In Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the Greyhound Bus station sits way out on the edge of the city, near the Interstate. Presumably, its more convenient for the bus company. Fair enough.

One problem.

You can only get there by car.

But wait a minute! If you're taking the bus, you just might not have a.!.!.!, (long exasperated sigh.) Moving on.

The bus stop's remote location makes it impractical to walk there from anywhere even if there were any sidewalks around. And of course, no sidewalks in sight.

This is a perfect example of how sprawl fails us as a practical layout for living.

In contrast, the village structure - a dense centralized node of commercial and public space surrounded by housing - lends itself to a number of transportation options.

With denser development in the center village (including multi-level apartments/condos) and surrounding single family homes within walking distance, sidewalks make sense.

Walking immediately becomes a convenient and viable way of getting around.

Biking becomes an option as well.

A bus stop within walking distance of most of the population makes taking the bus a realistic proposition.

Same applies with trains.

Segways, golf carts, roller blades - the options are many.

Ergo, Freedom!

In the New American Village, owning a car disappears as the "price of admission." Healthy and convenient ways to get around abound.

And traffic jams are a thing of the past.

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