Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

...my latest newspaper column entitled "The Frank Lloyd Wright Home." For a fresh take on architecture, livable neighborhoods, and sustainable design, ask your local newspaper editor to start carrying my weekly essays. Enjoy...


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Don said...

James Polk....I really like your Energy Independence piece and this reference to Frank LLoyd Wright. I live in Phoenix and we have been several times to the Talieson West site. Frank L Wright employed a great deal of concrete in his structures, along with stone and glass. To counter the summer heat in Arizona; the sun beating on the roof; he installed "fins" onto the roof, so that during most of the day the roof was shaded by the fins. Large concrete walls and stone inside contributed to a thermal "mass" virtually unaffected by doors being opened and closed as students and staff passed through during school hours. Thomas Edison also endeavored to make cast concrete homes....I bet they'd have Loved ICF's !!
We are an ICF manufacturer, using pre-cast concrete "bell end spools" as the "ties" to hold the sheet foam together in a large format "panelized" wall segment ICF that is factory prefabricated with door and widow cutouts done, to maximize energy conservation in the finished structure.
Then we add an internationally patented and highly recognized zero energy geothermal and solar heat energy system to alleviate the house from needing grid energy. It features a Fresh Air exchange "duct" pipes that eliminates the forced air recirculating HVAC system. No more Freon based leaks into the atmosphere. Adding a 4kw solar pv system can then reasonably make for a "Zero Energy Household". If a larger 10kw solar PV system is installed and an electric car is added to the stable, then we can achieve a "Zero Energy Lifestyle". This is the direction we are heading as a solid manifestation of the spirit of your declaration and using concrete and roof forms in clever ways, as did Frank LLoyd Wright. www.eyedestu.com and www.isomax-terrasol.eu (click U.S. flag for English)

Thank You,