Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wedding Bells

Last Saturday, I married Dr. Professor Frau Victoria Johnson in Unity Chapel near Spring Green, Wisconsin. 'Twas a simple, elegant affair and went off without a hitch - no dramatic objections, nobody fainted, both said "I will" - even in the midst of surrounding stormy weather. In fact, the sun came out, gloriously, as the wedding began and light beamed in the windows for the entire ceremony. Magical!

Unity Chapel is the Lloyd Jones family chapel (FLlW's mother's family) built in 1886. Frank Lloyd Wright was a teenager at the time, and though he proposed to his Uncle Jenk - the family's famous Unitarian Minister - that he be the architect, the chapel was ultimately designed by J. L. Silsbee, a Chicago architect, and Frank Lloyd Wright was his "man on the ground." Wright later went on to work for Silsbee at the age of 19 (for a year) before moving on to become Louis Sullivan's draftsman.

More wedding photos to come...

Post Script: Can anyone identify the significance of the left side of the chapel photograph?

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Anonymous said...

She is positively BEAMING with joy! Congratulations!!