Thursday, July 31, 2008

Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin - Spring Green, Wisconsin

Green design isn't new.

American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) illustrated a few of the basic tenants of building green in the construction of his home and studio just south of Spring Green, Wisconsin.

The house becomes one with the land; neither is master or slave but work together in visual and functional harmony.

Indigenous stone, Wisconsin River sand (plaster), and local wood make up most of the home's material palette and serves to blend house with nature simultaneously minimizing transportation costs.

Decoration is non-existent. Ornament is always integral to the building efficiently eliminating unnecessary superfluous materials.

Modern-day green enthusiasts can learn a great deal from Frank Lloyd Wright; he called it "Organic Architecture."

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Anonymous said...

New American Village, A noble and evolving consept.

I have been thinking of it as well for thirty years in architecture. See James H. Klippel , terra homage, on youtube. or, my art venue. If we believe, we can make it happen.


James H. Klippel