Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BeauSoleil: Open House

A report from the field:

Things have been very busy and progressing well for the BeauSoleil Louisiana Solar Home. Not only are we scheduled for three upcoming events:

March 21 AIA Sporting Clay Tournament
April 4 Bike for BeauSoleil (Bike Tour)
June 5 AGC Golf Tournament

So, not only are we building a sustainable home, but we are promoting healthy and sustainable living as well! Most importantly of the events, though is our upcoming March 4th "BUILDING BEAUSOLEIL." At this event, we will have a blessing of the shell (fabricated by Lousiana System Built Homes) and community leaders and supporters of the BeauSoleil project will post our building permit.

The Solar installation on Madison Hall's rooftop has also been completed and companies such as LUS and Global Data Systems as well as University President Dr. Savoie were walked through the 2nd grid tied system in Lafayette.

The house has been delivered to the BeauSoleil warehouse and the feeling is truly amazing. All team members have been working so hard, and its amazing to see the support and excitement building so rapidly for the project. This is a huge milestone for the us, and motivation to continue pushing on this path to success!

Catherine Guidry, TEAM BeauSoleil

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