Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Green Retrofit

Green design is not just for new buildings. This 100+ year old structure has been enhanced with a series of green building technologies including new energy-efficient mechanical systems and lighting, operable windows resulting in a savings of over $1000 per month on energy costs.

This spring, the solar panels and green roof will be installed. Most of the green roof is a low-maintenance roof using indigenous plants and wildflowers that grow heartily without the need for constant supervision. (Think about the plants you see along the highway that grow just fine without being watered by anyone except mother nature.)

We've carved out a 30' x 90' section for a roof garden and "fair-weather classroom" for the five-and-under year old students served by the agency.

The solar panels will supplement the facility's power needs. The amount of power generated will depend on the level of funding generated for the project over the next few months. In the end, this building will not be entirely energy self-sufficient, but close.

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