Friday, July 24, 2009

Felder's Sustainable Lawn

photos: MPB and Felder Rushing

Every Friday, horticulturist Felder Rushing hosts a lively gardening show called the "Gestalt Gardner" imparting helpful tips, interviewing interesting guests, and topped off with a dose of cheesy music.

A living, breathing example of someone who "pulls his own strings," Felder encourages gardeners to have a little fun and forget about what the neighbors say. A celebration of uniqueness and creativity is encouraged. Bottle trees and pink flamingos are fair game.

Although a turf specialist, grass has traditinally been conspicuously absent from Felder's yard, so after years of constant ribbing from the neighbors, he recently bowed to public pressure planting a lawn in his front yard - in a little red wagon!

Easy to water, easy to mow (he trims it with scissors), and portable, this lawn is as sustainable as grass gets.

OK, here's what the Mississippi Public Radio doesn't tell you: The Gestalt Gardener is really a show about "creative living" disguised as a show about gardening. Tune into the Gestalt Gardner Friday mornings at 9am (Central US time) or listen to the podcast at your convenience - its good for the soul!

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