Thursday, July 30, 2009

For Sale: Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House

Images: Ennis House Foundation

You can own this home. Don't have fifteen million to shell out? You can purchase this groovy Ennis House print by artist Josh Agle, better known as "Shag"offered by the Ennis House Foundation.

Link to a National Public Radio piece by Karen Grigsby Bates on the impending sale here.


Juan said...

Do you know if the prints are still available

James Polk said...

Check with the Museum.

Philippines properties for sale said...

Do you have more photos of the house. Can I see some? Thanks.

Paula M

Anonymous said...

I love this house if I had the money I would certainly chose this above any newer type home. I've been here the views alone are perfect and the house itself is so unique and special. That fact it's a frank Lloyd Wright home is a defenet plus. To be living in one is his masterpieces you r living in history a LA landmark.