Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bake Locally

One of the supreme joys in life is fresh baked bread.

Cafe Boheme, an independently owned local coffee shop and bakery, is a beautiful example of sustainability.

Proprietors Paul and Dominique think of their place as much more than an eatery. Yes, the coffee is brewed with care cup by cup; Paul is a coffee snob, thankfully. And sure, the breads and pastries baked by Dominique and her staff are prepared with ample portions of love. I can taste it.

The greater service of a place like Cafe Boheme is the cultural sustainability it brings to the community. Be it an organized event like a poetry jam or art talk or a causal meeting with friend, local establishments like this foster rich cultural interaction you just can't find at a WalMart.

And we're all better off because of it.

I particularly enjoy the sneak peeks into Paul's adjoining painting studio for tasty visual morsels.

Thanks Paul and Dominique. The fresh pumpernickel loaf has already been properly introduced to the bread knife. Delicious - for the soul!

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