Saturday, October 17, 2009

Solar Decathlon: The Final Tally

Well, the judging is over and the results are in. Team Germany took first place. Illinois came in second, and Team California placed third.

Unfortunately, TEAM BeauSoleil fell a bit short in their effort to take home the trophy.

Unpacking the numbers in the final scoring, low scores in two of the ten categories - Net Metering and Hot Water - turned out to be fatal for ULL in the overall standings.

Otherwise, TEAM BeauSoleil posted very respectable numbers across the board including winning the Market Viability category.

Congratulations TEAM BeauSoleil for a monumental effort creating an affordable, livable, off-the-grid home. Your work has helped to created a powerful forward momentum for the future of sustainable housing.

Click on the official Solar Decathlon site for comprehensive statistics and competition photos.

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